Meet the PostDocs and PhD’s team


We informed about the young researchers meeting they held online that aimed to share experience and expertise to define possible strategies for fluorescent labelling of the bio-nano materials produced in BOW. Now, it is time for them to introduce themselves, meet the PostDoc and PhD students that are part of the BOW team:

Andrea Zendrini from CSGI:


Miriam Romano from the University of Brescia:


Angela Arnosa from USC:


Manuel González Gómez from USC:


Pelayo Garcia Acevedo from USC:


Pamela Santonicola and Giusy Zampi from IBBR CNR:


Noemi Aloi from IRIB CNR:


Angela Paterna, Samuele Raccosta, Stella Rao, Sabrina Picciotto and Giorgia Adamo from IRIB CNR:


Chenxi Li from Helmholtz:


Thomas Conlon from ITSLIGO:


and Javier Uranga from ZABALA: