Young researchers of BOW held a tech meeting


The Post Docs and the Ph.D. students of BOW organized the first YOUNG RESEARCHER TECHNICAL MEETING at the end of September. The meeting was held online and its aim was to share experience and expertise to define possible strategies for fluorescent labeling of the bio-nano materials produced in BOW.

The meeting was chaired by Andrea Zendrini and Miriam Romano (CSGI) and featured contributions from Danilo Mladenović (HBM), Karl Normak (ETHZ), Sabrina Picciotto (IRIB-CNR), and Laura Dietz (MPIP). Focused on:

  • Andrea Zendrini (CSGI) – Labelling of extracellular vesicles: an overview.
  • Danilo Mladenović (HBM) – Techniques for fluorescent labelling and analysis of extracellular vesicles – potential advantages and limitations
  • Karl Normak (ETHZ) – All labelling is not created equal – Determining the optimal labelling procedure for your EVs and your requirements
  • Sabrina Picciotto (IRIB-CNR) – Validation of Nanoalgosome staining using different lipid dyes
  • Laura Dietz (MPIP) – BODIPY ceramide labelling of extracellular vesicles for intracellular localization Studies

Final remarks and comments that emerged during the round table were shared with all the partners during the BOW M12 meeting, held on October 7th-8th.