Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

The Nanotechnology and Magnetism Group-NANOMAG, University of Santiago de Compostela, is a leading group in magnetism, design, development and biofunctionalization of nanomaterials related to the subject of this project: multifunctional superparamagnetic (SPM) nanomaterials, capable of being triggered by remote magnetic control devices

Our primary choice are SPM colloidal iron oxide and iron oxide-based core-shell nanostructures able to respond under low magnetic fields suitable for cell magnetic separation devices, magnetic hyperthermia, and magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents. In addition, these SPM nanostructures will be designed with inorganic shells/matrices (silica, mesoporous silica, or carbon, etc) to facilitate release of relevant molecules, and decorated with biological agents, plasmonic NPs (Ag, Au) and fluorescent moieties (rhodamine, fluorescein, dopamine) for detection and imaging purposes. In the present project, NANOMAG group of USCs will be responsible for the design, development and bioconjugation of superparamagnetic iron oxide-based nanostructures for EV engineering.


Giuseppe Pomarico

Assistant professor (Tenure track position). University of Brescia, Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine and CSGI, Research Center for Colloids and Nanoscience, Florence..

Paolo Bergese

Full Professor of Chemistry at the University of Brescia, member of CSGI and associate researcher of CNR and coordinator of BOW

Andrea Zendrini

Post Doc


Angela Arnosa Prieto

PhD student | Chemist in charge of material production for BOW

Pelayo García Acevedo

PhD student | Physicist in charge of physicochemical studies of materials produced for BOW

PhD. Yolanda Piñeiro Redondo

Senior Reseacher | Supervisor of technical work in BOW project and responsible for design of materials and properties

Prof. José Rivas Rey

Professor | PI of BOW project, and group leader