Hansabiomed Life Sciences Ou

HBM is a research-intensive and market-oriented company operating since 2007 in Tallinn, engaged in development of innovative tools for Life Science Research on Exosomes and other Extracellular Vesicles

Within the BOW project HBM will participate in activities aimed at optimization of EV production, providing components such as EV depleted media, labelling reagents and protocols, and EV standards, as well as portable size focusing devices for SEC and TFF; Our team will contribute to comprehensive EV, and evMBDs characterization, and will ultimately verify and define minimal analytical package for definition of EV purity and quality (integrity, stability, and activity) to be assessed at each step of EV production scale up and engineering. Finally, HBM will perform in vitro tropism testing preceding definition of administration protocols for in vivo testing (doses and timeline)


Andres Lohmus

Senior Research Scientist

Francesca Loria

Research Scientist

Natasa Zarovni

Head of Grants and Strategic Innovation