External Advisory Board


Giuseppe Pomarico

Assistant professor (Tenure track position). University of Brescia, Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine and CSGI, Research Center for Colloids and Nanoscience, Florence..

Paolo Bergese

Full Professor of Chemistry at the University of Brescia, member of CSGI and associate researcher of CNR and coordinator of BOW

Andrea Zendrini

Post Doc

Advisory Board

Paola Luciani, MSc and PhD.

Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Bern, Switzerland, since 2019.

Her research focuses on the design and characterization of lipid-derived and bio-inspired drug delivery systems for the treatment and diagnosis of chronic multifactorial diseases. Together with her team of pharmacists, chemists and engineers, she investigates novel approaches to achieve sustained drug delivery, including additive manufacturing.

Michiel Stork, PhD.

Dr Stork received his training in molecular microbiology on iron uptake at the Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, Oregon.

His main scientific research interest lies in outer membrane vesicles, a topic he worked in for more than 16 years. Besides vaccine development, he also studied the biogenesis of outer membrane vesicles to unravel the mechanism of vesicle formation.

Dr. Sergio Moya

Leader of the Soft Matter Nanotechnology Lab (CIC biomaGUNE) – Donostia-San Sebastiàn, Spain.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in chemistry from the National University of the South in Argentina and finished his PhD work at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Germany (2001). His doctoral and postdoctoral research has been focused on nanotechnology employing elements of soft matter and biomolecules, and on supramolecular chemistry.

Prof. Anne Hilgendorff

Anne Hilgendorff is a physician scientist with a strong clinical background and a longstanding scientific interest in chronic lung disease of the developing and adult lung.

Her leadership of the lung repository‚ CPC-M bioArchive’ that she implemented and her role as the director the Comprehensive Developmental Care Center (CDeCLMU) at the LMU Hospital in Munich is complemented by her work in large translational consortia including the National Genome Network (NGFN) and the German Center for Lung Research (DZL) as a leader of the diseae area‚ Diffuse Parenychmal Lung Disease.