Biodevice Systems Sro

BIODEVICE systems, based in the Czech Republic, is an independent provider of certified cell-based testing and computationally assisted assay for the international life science industry

It supplies cell-based analysis with exceptional predictive value. BIO as result of its knowledge in special algorithms of computerized analysis of data, it will i) characterize evMBDs motility by mathematical approaches, ii) model and transfer in vitro results to the in vivo settings iii) perform mathematical evaluation of toxicity risk.


Giuseppe Pomarico

Assistant professor (Tenure track position). University of Brescia, Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine and CSGI, Research Center for Colloids and Nanoscience, Florence..

Paolo Bergese

Full Professor of Chemistry at the University of Brescia, member of CSGI and associate researcher of CNR and coordinator of BOW

Andrea Zendrini

Post Doc


PhD. MD. Vitaly Goranov

Senior scientist | Development of mathematical models describing processes of cell viability (cytotoxicity) under influence of microvesicles.