Atlantic Technological University

ATU boasts of an excellent history in innovation and research, providing a focal point for local economic development via its Business and Innovation Centre, that hosts several start-up companies.

ATU provides an on campus stimulating and supportive environment to nurture entrepreneurship and promotes the translation of research outputs into industry-oriented products and solutions in support of the regional economic development.

It has a large experience in microalgae biotechnology, and has experience in producing EV from natural sources, therefore its main role in the project will be the production of EVs from scalable microalgal cultures.


Dr. Nicolas Touzet

Atlantic Technological University
Senior Lecturer

Thomas Conlon

Atlantic Technological University | Focused on the cultivation of microalgae and the subsequent isolation of microalgal-derived extracellular vesicles (nanoalgosomes) via multi-step tangential flow filtration (TFF).