BOW Project Innovation approved: CONAN Assay to revolutionize EVs evaluation


We are thrilled to announce that BOW Project has achieved a significant milestone in the European Union’s Research & Innovation landscape. The European Commission’s Innovation Radar platform has recognized CSGI as a ‘key innovator’ for its pioneering work in developing the CONAN Assay: Colorimetric Nanoplasmonic Assay to evaluate Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) properties.

This innovation, a product of the BOW Project, marks a paradigm shift in the assessment of EVs properties. Extracellular Vesicles play crucial roles in intercellular communication, and their accurate evaluation is vital for various fields, including healthcare and biotechnology. The CONAN Assay employs cutting-edge nanoplasmonic technology to provide a precise and efficient method for analyzing EVs properties. By utilizing colorimetric techniques, this assay offers researchers a streamlined approach to understand the characteristics and functions of EVs, opening new avenues for diagnostics, therapeutics, and beyond.

From the perspective of the BOW Project, this approval underscores our commitment to fostering groundbreaking research and innovation. As a collaborative effort between esteemed institutions across Europe, the BOW Project aims to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and technological advancement. Moreover, the recognition of CSGI as a ‘key innovator’ highlights the dedication and expertise of our team, including the leadership role of women in driving innovation forward. It’s a testament to the diverse talent and collaborative spirit within our consortium.

Looking ahead, this milestone signals not only the success of the CONAN Assay but also the potential for further advancements in the field. As we continue our journey, we are excited to explore opportunities for scaling up market access and translating our research into tangible solutions that benefit society.