10th International Conference on Nanotoxicology: 20-04-2021 – Discuss how to apply nano-toxicological knowledge to nano-medical applications
Workshop NutrAge: 28-29/4/2021 – The main goal of NUTR-AGE is to integrate the diet of elderly people with bioactive compounds useful for delaying the many degenerative processes related to aging. The aim is to provide, through daily nutrition, the means to promote a state of general well-being necessary for satisfactory active aging. This workshop aims to present the activities carried out within the project and will see the participation of some of the leading experts in the sector with whom it will be possible to discuss the topics covered.”
ISEV2021: 18-21/05/2021 – ISEV2021 Annual meeting runs over 4 days, 18-21 May inclusively. The annual meeting offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from, teach, and network with, leading and emerging experts in EV research.
ISEV2021 (Organisation): 18-21/05/2021 – ISEV2021 Annual meeting runs over 4 days, 18-21 May inclusively. The annual meeting offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from, teach, and network with, leading and emerging experts in EV research.
2021 Virtual SMA Conference: 9-11/06/2021 – The Annual International SMA Research & Clinical Care Meeting brings together researchers from academia, government, and biotech/pharmaceutical companies with multi-disciplinary healthcare providers who are diagnosing and caring for people with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The event is held in conjunction with Cure SMA’s Annual SMA Conference.
23nd International C. elegans Conference: 21-24/06/2021 – The International C. elegans Conference takes place every two years and features cutting-edge research in a diverse array of topics, including physiology, neurobiology, development, evolution, behavior, aging, ecology, gene regulation, genomics, and more. For 2021, #Worm21 has been reimagined for a virtual platform and will focus on early career researchers at every stage.
EIC-ERC Workshop: 26/06/2021 – Antonella Bongiovanni, was a speaker in the “Thematic parallel sessions” about New vectors (viral and non-viral) for gene therapy. In this event the partners of BOW were able to highlight their knowledge on bio-nanotechnologies.​
EVITA: 20-22/09/2021 – BOW participated in the Italian meeting in various forms: As the scientific organizing committee, with several talks and posters and presenting the project and its umbrella FET projects (VES4US and evFOUNDRY).
INTERFACES: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: 21-25/09/2021 – INTERFACES: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE; From new materials to life science – Structure, Interactions, Dynamics and Activity
Nanotechnology Of Cell Communication 21/10/2021 Cells have been exploiting nanoparticles far much longer than we have in our labs. For example, we’re learning they secrete a great variety of nanoparticles into the extracellular space – which range from high-density lipoproteins of few nanometres to extracellular vesicles and fat globules of hundreds of nanometres – and use them as (nano)lines of communication to regulate/mediate key physiological and pathological processes.
ISEV Workshop massivEVs: 28-29/10/2021 – The goal of the workshop is to address and channel the efforts towards large scale EV production and manufacturing.
Festival della Scienza 2021: 21/10-1/11/2021 – The Science Festival is a fixed point of reference for science dissemination, a great opportunity to meet for researchers, science enthusiasts, schools and families and one of the major international scientific events.”
5th Young Researchers Magnetism. (YR inM 2021)
EPOSS Annual Forum 2021
VII Encontró da mocidade Investigadora
2nd Lugano Exoday: 13/04/2022 – The workshop initiative aims to bring together experts and young investigators from different countries working in the field of extracellular vesicles. Structured around keynote presentations from selected speakers, flash presentations and posters from young investigators, the symposium will facilitate the exchange of views on the current and future technology solutions in the expansive field of Extracellular vesicles and their applications in the healthcare sector.”
LIVe2022 Lung In Vitro for innovative & predictive models: 13-14/06/2022 – Compare in vitro cell culture models of varying complexity with respect to their capability to assess outcomes associated with pulmonary fibrosis
AIMagn Colloquia: Smart Magnetic Nanofluids: 18/03/2022 – Magnetic fluids consisting of stable suspensions of magnetic micro and nanoparticles in a carrier liquid have attracted a growing attention for their potential application in many fields including medicine, biotechnology, energy and environment, among others. The AIMagn Colloquium on “Smart magnetic nanofluids” aims at providing a platform to discuss and debate about some of the most recent developments in the field. It includes a keynote lecture given by Prof. G. Friedman (Drexel University, USA) on magnetic nanoparticle micro-robotics, followed by a series of selected talks given by national expert on the topic.
ISEVMeeting: 2022 25-29/05/2022 – ISEV Annual Meeting. The ISEV Annual Meeting is the premier scientific event on the subject of extracellular vesicles. This event brings together the top researchers and scientists from around the world to participate”
11th International Colloids conference: 12-15/06/2022 – Colloid and Interface Science has a long proud history, and an ever-increasing relevance for new directions in materials sciences and engineering. As such, amongst other applications, Colloid and Interface Science facilitates advances in nano-science, soft matter science, catalysis, new developments in energy efficiency, energy generation and storage, nano-medicine and drug delivery, sensing and diagnostics, multi-phase flows and wetting. This conference aims to provide a forum for researchers from across the world to communicate and share the latest developments from these research areas.
2nd EVITA Workshop: 29-30/07/2022 – The ‘EVIta connect’ workshop aims to facilitate interaction and possible collaboration between the various participating groups in relation to the following topics: EV (Biological and technological) and tools, Cancer, Aging, Inflammation and Neuroscience, Cardio, Lung and Kidney pathologies.
ScienceTalk: 07/09/2022 – Information
Scientific Seminars: 23/09/2022 – Series of short seminars to high school students in the frame of the European researchers’ night.
BOWers on Italian TV News: The bowers recently appeared on an Italian TV news program, where they discussed their work in utilizing nanotechnology from microalgae for medical and cosmetic purposes. The interview highlighted their startup, EVE, and can be viewed at this [link]( starting from minute 14.
CNRs Laboratory Welcomes Middle School Class: The laboratory opened its doors to a middle school class to educate them about extracellular vesicles and microalgae cultures. They used an interactive game called “Bubble Mumble” to explain extracellular vesicles’ isolation process. The students also had a hands-on experience creating a mini microalgae culture.