BOWers at the EVITA symposium


The 3rd symposium organized by the Italian Society of Extracellular Vesicles (EVITA) took place in Urbino from September 13th to 15th, 2023. This event was a source of inspiration for all attendees, offering three days packed with cutting-edge EV science, and BOW scientists actively participated. The symposium featured innovative research and enlightening lectures delivered by globally recognized scientists, creating numerous opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking.

BOW coordinator, Paolo Bergese, and Antonella Bongiovanni were key in animating a lively roundtable on EVIta Hot-Topics with young researchers and renowed scientists, as Leonid Margolis and Dolores Di Vizio.

Giorgia Adamo was selected to present a captivating talk, during the plenary session on “EV Isolation and Characterization” introducing a novel functional enzymatic assay to predict the potency of extracellular vesicle, developed within the BOW project and included in the minimal analytical package to assess the EV preparations.

Additionally, Paolo Bergese presented a highly participated poster on “Interaction and nanoplasmonics of lipoproteins and gold nanoparticles”. Other young scientists – Silvia Alacqua, Estella Rao and Pamela Santonicola – presented the novel BOW results relative to innovative technical approaches aimed 1) to evaluate the metabolic variations of cells treated with surface functionalized extracellular vesicles, 2) to gain an efficient EV exogenous loading and 3) to characterize EV bioactivity and biodistribution, using in vivo models (e.g., C. elegans).