Celebrating International Women’s Day: Women in Nanoscience


BOW Project has been published on the web collection “Celebrating International Women’s Day: Women in Nanoscience”. The scientific publication chosen to be part of this collection has been “A plasmon-based nanoruler to probe the mechanical properties of synthetic and biogenic nanosized lipid vesicles” written by Lucrezia Caselli,  Andrea Ridolfi, Jacopo Cardellini, Lewis Sharpnack, Lucia Paolini, Marco Brucale, Francesco Valle, Costanza Montis, Paolo Bergese and Debora Berti.

We are very glad to continue celebrating this March 8th and our commitment and the challenge that women put on daily basis in the scientific community. You can check out a piece of news we did highlighting the women of BOW.

We will bring again the sentence Prof. Debora Berti once said in which she expressed that working in science is hard and fantastic at the same time. “Finding the balance between personal and professional life is even harder than for most jobs. The pandemic has worsened -in our opinion- the situation as, in terms of child-care, the negative impact on careers will be much higher for women. We should try to do everything we can to level the playing fields”, outlined.

Happy International Women’s Day.