BOW participates in the EVITA society meeting


From the 20th to the 22nd of September, BOW participated in the meeting of the italian society for the extracellular vesicles, held in presence at the Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco in Lucca.

The exclusive event inspired all the participants with three days full of EV science. Innovative studies and illuminating lectures from world-renowned scientists offered many opportunities for idea exchange and networking.  BOW project members actively took part in the symposium at various levels, participating in the organizing scientific committee (Antonella Bongiovanni, Annalisa Radeghieri) and presenting two posters:

  • Angela Paterno – A renewable and scalable bioprocess: extracellular vesicles from microalgae.
  • Samuele Raccosta – Extracellular vesicles from microalgae: biophysical/biomechanical characterization.

The congress also featured three talks from BOW young researchers:

  • Giorgia Adamo – Extracellular vesicles from microalgae: antioxidant bioactivity and cellular uptake studies.
  • Pamela Santonicola – Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system to study EV bioactivity and biodistribution in vivo.
  • Andrea Zendrini – Specific antithrombin glycoforms adsorb onto plasma extracellular vesicles.

The symposium awarded 1 best poster and 1 best oral presentation offered by EVCNA and 2 best posters offered by EVITA Society.

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