BOW at ISEV2022


The 11th edition of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles annual meeting (ISEV2022), this year held in Lyon (France) 25-29 May 2022, saw massive contribution from BOW researchers:

Paolo Arosio, partner from ETH, chaired the session on “EV engineering for use as delivery platform”, inspired the audience  with a creative and gentle method for the purification of EVs using liquid polymer droplets and co-authored, with Carolina Paganini presenting, a poster on continuous EV production.

Mauro Manno, partner from CNR , co-chaired the poster session on “Milk and plant EVs” and presented with a talk and a poster the application of microalgal EVs (nanoalgosomes) as natural delivery platforms for therapeutics and cosmetics.

Natasa Zarovni and Francesca Loria partners from HansaBioMed, led participation by lively managing the company popular boot and by co-authoring a poster on processing of bovine milk EVs.

Paolo Bergese, partner from the CSGI and BOW Coordinator, gave three talks on recent advances on physiscochemical and nanomechanical characterization of EVs and EV hybrids.

The contribution abstracts are now published on the Journal of Extracellular Vesicles. Find it in this link


Paolo ISEV2022


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