Seven days to celebrate biotechnology


The BOWer Giorgia Adamo participated at Biotech Week the last 26th September by doing a presentation at the Institute for Research and  Innovation in Biomedicine (CNR, Palermo). Biotech Week is a week of events taking place all over the world dedicated to the biotechnology sector. It is a science dissemination event that started in Canada in 2003, and developed in Europe in 2013 which aim  is to celebrate the key role that biotechnologies play in improving the quality of life, and to raise awareness of biotechnologies applied to different sectors (human health, agri-food, environment and renewable energy). It is aimed at a wide and heterogeneous audience (students and various users).

The topic of Giorgia’s seminar is related to the use of nanotechnologies in the biomedical field, in particular for the study of nanoparticles as a system for delivering drugs and consequent applications to cancer therapy. The talk entitled ” Nanotecnologie e biomedicina: approcci innovative per lo sviluppo di drug delivery systems” was followed by different classes of second graders Italian schools, both virtual and in presence.

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