Revolutionizing Targeted Drug Delivery: Unveiling the Power of Functionalized Biogenic Nanoparticles


In the July 2023 issue (5, 4703) of the esteemed international journal Nanoscale Advances, edited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, an article authored by researchers from the Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine (DMMT) and the Department of Molecular Sciences and Clinical Medicine (DSMC), under the guidance of Professors Annalisa Radeghieri and Giuseppe Pomarico, takes the stage.

This article delves into uncharted territory by exploring the pivotal role of the “protein corona” in the functionalization process of extracellular vesicles (EVs) sourced from erythrocytes, with a focus on their therapeutic potential. EVs, natural biogenic nanoparticles entangled in various physiological processes, are gaining prominence owing to their exceptional biocompatibility and translational prospects.

At the heart of this research, funded by the PRIN 2017 and the European BOW (952183) projects, lies the tantalizing prospect of engineering EVs into targeted carriers for pharmaceutical compounds and nucleic acids (for gene therapy). By skillfully crafting these EVs, we open the doors to a new era in nanomaterials, where the fusion of natural and synthetic systems could revolutionize technology and reshape the future of drug delivery.